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Nikon D40 Beginner’s Guide

image I’ve finally bought a digital SLR camera and, after much research, decided on the Nikon D40. It’s a very affordable DSLR–less than $500 with a lens–and is very light and beginner-friendly.

To accompany my new Nikon D40, I also bought a book for new owners. However, I found that the excellent advice provided by Ken Rockwell–for free–was far, far better and easier to understand. Here’s Ken Rockwell’s guide to the Nikon D40.

Ken does an excellent job explaining ALL digital photography, so if you’re a newbie like me, then I highly recommend his web site.

Now, excuse me, I have a Zooomr account that I need to fill up with lots of cool photos. 😉

*links to Amazon are affiliate – I have a new camera to pay for 😉

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