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A packed room in LA learns about Reputation Roadkill

The thing I love about my Reputation Roadkill keynote is that it’s a mix of fun stories and important online reputation strategies. It’s perfect for a keynote because there are no bullet points allowed. 😉 And the fact that there is an endless supply of fresh new case studies is a bonus!

Thanks to all that came out to the Digital Summit LA this week. A packed room of 800+ folks were generous with their tweets and photos, and we had some great questions at the end.

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Digital Summit Hotlanta!

Hotlanta lived up to its name, as the weather and attendees at Digital Summit Atlanta were on fire. A great crowd of around 1500 people attended the event and I had the pleasure of keeping them entertained and educated before they wrapped up the final day–and hit the cocktail reception.

No easy task!

That said, we had fun exploring some fresh Reputation Roadkill examples and learning from their mistakes. Lots of great questions afterwards and many new friends made!

Thanks to the everyone who tweeted and instagrammed.

Andy Beal @ Digital Summit AtlantaAndy Beal @ Digital Summit AtlantaAndy Beal @ Digital Summit AtlantaAndy Beal @ Digital Summit Atlanta    Andy Beal @ Digital Summit Atlanta Andy Beal @ Digital Summit Atlanta Andy Beal @ Digital Summit Atlanta


DFWSEM “Reputation Roadkill”

I had the pleasure of being invited to speak at the monthly meeting of one of the oldest and most respected regional search marketing groups: DFWSEM.

If you’re interested in a recap of my talk, you can find an excellent write up here:

One of my examples include Brian Williams recent “misremembering” which led to one attendee creating this awesome meme:

Andy Beal - Brian Williams


Quoted in USA Today article about wine region scandals

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 7.28.01 PM

The USA Today reached out to me for my thoughts on how fake wine might impact the reputation of the Tuscan region.

Andy Beal, a U.S.-based reputation management consultant, said regional officials appear to be doing everything they can to reduce any backlash from the recent scandals, including the safeguards Bindocci described. But risks still remain.

“When a reputation is damaged, it happens quickly,” Beal said. “The time to take action is before — to strengthen the reputation of the region and the products. All signs are that they are doing what they can, but if the bad things keep happening, there will be a tipping point. And once that happens, it becomes much more difficult to confront.”

Read the full article here.

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