Reputation Rainmakers Podcast

Each week, online reputation management expert Andy Beal discusses the latest trends, case studies, and tactics for building a better brand.

#13 – Owning a bad customer experience, Genie Bouchard’s reputation ace, & social media succession planning

The importance of owning a customer’s bad experience, how Genie Bouchard is engaging fans, and the importance of social media succession planning.

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#10 – The important reputation lesson you can learn from #DeleteUber

What contributed to the #DeleteUber boycott and the important strategy you can apply to your reputation.

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#9 – Can Sears save its brand, how did Dominos outgrow Google, and has HP’s reputation blown up?

Sears is betting big on its new KCD brand, we look at how Dominos has been able to rebuild its tarnished reputation, and why HP can’t afford to have its batteries catch fire.

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#8 – Fiat Chrysler’s emission scandal, Steve Harvey alienates audience, and the declining trust in the media

Fiat Chrysler faces an emissions scandal, Steve Harvey alienates his audience, and a new survey shows declining trust in the mainstream media.

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