Verizon Blackberry 8830 – I Fell Off the Crack(berry) Wagon

Verizon Blackberry 8830 – I Fell Off the Crack(berry) Wagon

I had been clean for almost two years, yet today I fell off the wagon.

Yes after being a Blackberry addict until 2005 – then switching to a Treo 650 – I’m now back in the habit, thanks to the new Verizon Blackberry 8830.

It’s a beautiful phone, very thin and extremely easy to use. I’d forgotten some of the nice touches about a BlackBerry, such as hitting space to use a “.” or “@” in email forms or the powerful email client. Some nice surprises include just how well Google mobile products work with BlackBerry – Gmail, Talk, Maps and Reader all work so much better than with the Treo.

Also a piece a cake is the syncing with Bluetooth devices. I already have it syncing calendars with Outlook, connected to my headset and high-speed internet on my laptop.

There’s a few things I miss. I miss the simple “mute” switch on the Treo for silencing the ringer and alerts – the 8830 has a button that says “mute” but I think that’s just for muting calls – and the 8830 doesn’t have a camera. But, so far I’m liking it.

Bonus – it works on all bands, so I can use it all around the world!

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  • I’m just about to venture into the world of Blackberryness and I see a long road of research ahead of me.

    You think this one is the winner on the market right now?

  • I’ve been very happy with it. If you’re already on Verizon, it’s a good choice. If not, I know the Curve is smaller.

    Couple other downsides. Get a screen protector, I had to replace my phone due to a crack. Also, Verizon disables the built-in GPS. 🙁

  • Just picked up an 8830 myself, also enjoying it.

  • george vaith

    Would you like to sell the 8830 with the cracked screen?
    If it has a good ESN I am interested.

  • @george – they took back the old one