6 Critical Pillars for Social Media Monitoring Success

6 Critical Pillars for Social Media Monitoring Success

Here at Trackur, we want all 26,000+ users to get the most out of their social media monitoring efforts.

Of course, that includes Trackur’s social media monitoring dashboard, but the best monitoring tool in the world is not going to help you, unless you have a put in place a solid foundation.

Over at the popular TopRank Marketing blog, we provided six vital steps that every company should put in place, before starting to monitor social media.

Tip #5 is one that is especially important:

5. Don’t Silo the Information Collected

OK, so you’re monitoring in-house with either free or paid monitoring tools, or you’ve outsourced the entire task. Next, you need to decide where this collected information is routed. Who in your company is alerted when a customer complains on Facebook that his laptop battery just exploded? Whose responsibility is it to ensure that your cars’ gas pedals doesn’t stick in the 2011 models?

I’m seeing more companies tackle this “chain of command” question by appointing a social media quarterback–aka a Community Manager. Call them what you want, but their job function is to collect and collate the data that comes in from your social media monitoring efforts and ensure critical information is passed on to the most appropriate person, or department in your company. They’re the social media silo buster! They ensure there are no bottlenecks or silos of data.

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