All You Really Need to Know About Business You Learned in Kindergarten

All You Really Need to Know About Business You Learned in Kindergarten

Remember those days that seemed so simple?  They set the foundation for everything you ever needed to know about successful customer service, reputation management, and business relationships.  Forget all of that PhD level education and get back to basics, they’re the foundation for every successful business interaction you’ll ever have.

Learn to share.  Sharing is important.  Information, news, ideas, and stories are flying around online at warp speed.  If you want your information to get out there, share it with others.  Share others’ information as well – this will create a sense of goodwill, and make them more likely to share what you put out there in the future.

Say “I’m Sorry” when you hurt someone.  This seems pretty obvious, but time and time again I see people overlooking the importance of a heartfelt apology.  No one is perfect; everyone has a gaffe every now and then.  Be sure to own yours.

Clean up your messes.  The quickest way to find yourself with a huge mess online is to ignore a problem.  If you make a mistake, take care of it before it becomes a huge disaster.

Play fair.  Playing fair does not mean being a bore who takes no risks.  Risk taking is a critical element in the success of most businesses.  In this instance, we’re talking about being ethically fair.  Conduct business in a way that you’d be proud to have your friends and family see you.  If you’re concerned about what your mother would think, you may want to revisit what you’re doing.

Say “Please” and “Thank you”.   Another element of everyday business that should take just seconds yet is constantly ignored.  A simple acknowledgement goes a long way in all of our relationships; why not take the time to make someone feel like their effort is time well spent.

Explore.  Keep yourself from getting stuck in a professional rut by keeping an eye on what is going on around you.  There is a big world out there, have fun getting to know it!

Take time out to rest.  Nap time isn’t just for small children; everyone needs a rest from time to time!    When you’re well rested, your ideas are fresher and your energy is contagious.  Take care of yourself, your clients and colleagues will thank you for it.

Be kind.  Why is this one so difficult?  It takes just as much energy to smile and say something nice as it does to whip out a snarky comment.  Be nice to others whenever possible.  Remember, what goes around comes around.

It’s okay if you don’t always color between the lines.  Steve Jobs didn’t get to where he was by doing what everyone else was doing.  If you want to color your grass purple and make your school bus blue, go for it!  It is okay to be different, if you have a great idea that seems unorthodox pitch it and see what happens.  You rarely hear someone say that they regret giving something a try.

Play.  This one is very important!  Have fun!  If you’re not having fun, what’s the point?