Sonos Digital Music System Now Available

What’s Happened to “Merry Christmas”

It seems this year, more than ever, people are becoming afraid to say “Merry Christmas”. I see emails and calls that all end with “Happy Holidays”. Why are we so afraid to say the words “Merry Christmas”? Do people truly take offense at that phrase? If someone greeted me with “Happy Kwanza” I wound’t be
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InterActiveCorp will split

I always thought that IAC had the potential to be so much more than it is, if they would just cross-sell products (dating services to travellers etc). Instead, Diller has decided to split the company, forming a separate travel entity.

What Happened to Private Conversations

I’ve noticed an increasing trend. Bloggers communicating to each other via their blog posts, instead of email. I must admit to being guilty of this myself, but you’d think that the guys over at Microsoft could sort out their differences in private.