Comcast is leading the way in “Customer (Dis)Service”

Comcast is leading the way in “Customer (Dis)Service”

Comcast Ahole billCovering a reputation mishap at Comcast is a little bit like reporting on the sun rising. It happens practically every day. However, the latest incident takes Comcast to an all new low:

Lisa Brown, a volunteer for a missions organization in Spokane, Wash., contacted me yesterday because of a billing problem with Comcast, her local cable provider. The issue? The name on their bill had been changed from her husband’s name, Ricardo, to “Asshole” Brown.

Apparently their customer retention specialist didn’t like the fact that he couldn’t stop her from canceling her service, so took revenge on her bill.

Of course, Comcast has apologized and promised an investigation, but so what? When something is rotten at the core, you’ll continue to have poorly trained employees and lax customer service standards.

Surely Comcast has some great customer service people that work for it. Find them, interview them, learn from them, and weed out the ones that simply don’t care.

And, in the meantime, our operators are standing by to help Comcast with its reputation. 😉

ByAndy Beal

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