Did That Just Happen?

Did That Just Happen?

Rumor on the street is that Zynga banked on all eyes being on Apple today and fired over 100 employees during the Apple event in order to avoid bad press.

Games journalist Ian Miles Cheong  tweeted earlier: 

Attempts from a variety of media outlets to contact Zynga for confirmation have gone unanswered, but if their third quarter earnings are any indication, this news is not a big surprise.  Their stock is down from over $15 to about $2.

What do you think, good PR to keep the news from getting out too quickly, or a sneaky tactic to try and fly under the radar?


3 Comments for “Did That Just Happen?”
  1. If true, this is disgusting.
    Zynga leadership’s character and integrity have been,
    to put it gently, “questioned”‘ from the start.

    Tier one VC’s who who enjoy an image of being
    forthright socially conscious citizens driving the recent web renaissance, deserve any dings for propping up ruthless, greedy management.
    Profiting investors does not excuse hypocrisy.

  2. Its no wonder that Zynga has been going down hill the entire business model is based of providing products for free and then earning money by forcing add-on items for the apps on people.

    It was only a matter of time before people got tired of it.

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