‘Divine Interception’ or Reputation Fail?

‘Divine Interception’ or Reputation Fail?

Last week model Melissa Stetten hopped on a plane, expecting a nice quiet flight.  Instead, she was seated next to actor Brian Presley.

According to accounts on Stetten’s Twitter feed, Presley wasted no time striking up a conversation with the pretty lady.  In return, she wasted no time sharing her experience with the Twitterverse:

Divine interception, huh?  Methinks he’s probably calling it something else right about now.  Although he told the lovely Melissa that he was a single man (after going to the bathroom and removing his wedding band, of course), she quickly found that the actor is very much married.  He also had his bad-boy-gone-good image tarnished by allegedly consuming more than a few alcoholic beverages on the flight.  Here’s a free reputation management tip, Mr. Presley.  If you’re going to tell the world that you’re sober, don’t drink in public.  Yes, a quiet little flight with an attractive seatmate is still public.  Don’t you know that nothing is a secret in the world of instant Internet access?  Sure, he may have assumed that the cute little model sitting next to him had little to no fan base, but did he really think that she’d be so wowed by his amazing “actor” status that she wouldn’t tell anyone what a sleaze he was?

Through Melissa’s Tweets, her friends quickly clued her in to the actor’s current marital and recovering alcoholic statuses.

Nope.  I think he did that all on his own.  So much for that golden boy reputation, Brian.  I really can’t decide what is more sad; his cavalier attitude regarding his marriage and family, or the idea that he is so completely arrogant that he did not realize this would get out.  Welcome to the Internet Age, Mr. Presley!

Update: It looks like there may be two sides to this story.

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  1. What do you think, who’s lying here? The model-turned-comedienne, or the golden boy? I think this one will have an interesting turn out…
    Either way, the lesson is clear – if you have a reputation to uphold (yes, you do) you should be paying attention to what is being said online!

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