Hootsuite auto-tweets picture of Ryan Gosling. Ryan Gosling!!!

Hootsuite auto-tweets picture of Ryan Gosling. Ryan Gosling!!!

When Hootsuite popped-up a message asking me if I would like to add Instagram to my account, I thought “sure, why not?”

After going through the process, I was not expecting that they would then auto-tweet this:

Hootsuite Ryan Gosling

Apparently, I am not the only one who was surprised:

Hootsuite auto tweet

I don’t recall seeing the option to tweet this, so they likely snuck in a check box somewhere without making it obvious. The problem is, Hootsuite is used by a lot of businesses, so a tweet with Ryan Gosling in it, is not exactly professional. Actually, any account tweeting a picture of Ryan Gosling is not acceptable! 😉

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