How being thankful can help your reputation

How being thankful can help your reputation

In today’s fast paced technology driven world, many people often feel like their favorite brands don’t know them past the dollars they’re spending.  Even favorite brands can miss the mark on recognizing customers, clients, and even vendors.  Taking some time out of your day to let people know that you’re grateful for them will not only make them feel good, but it will make your day brighter as well.THANK YOU on speech bubble price labels

How do you let your customers or business partners know that you appreciate them?  Often, a simple thank you is enough to brighten someone’s day.  Simply calling customers out by name and thanking them via Facebook is sure to put a smile on their face.  Looking to step it up a notch?  We’ve got you covered.  Give them a shout out, or offer a coupon code.  Many big brands celebrate large fan counts by creating customized thank you videos, sharing information about their brand, or offering big bargains for their fans.  These are ideas that could easily be translated to companies of any size.

Another way to let people know you appreciate them is to offer them your time.  It doesn’t have to be a lot.  Reply to emails, Facebook posts, and Tweets.  We know we’ve said this before, but we can’t say it enough: let them know you’re listening, and that you care about what they have to say.

If you’ve got it in the budget, give them free stuff.  Even if you can’t afford to go all Oprah on them, send some swag their way. If you want to get real crazy, give them an iPad.  Some logo wear in a box with an order or a thank you note packs a double punch.  Not only do they get some free stuff, but you get some free promotion when they wear it.

Take a moment this holiday season and thank your customers.  For their time, for their business, for their support.  It will mean a lot to them, and will make you feel great!

Oh yeah, in case we forgot to mention it?  Thank you.  Thank you for your time, your business, and your support.  We appreciate you!