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“Andy smashed it! His content was the perfect mix of case study examples and entertaining stories that had the audience hooked from start to finish!”


Andy Beal Keynote SpeakerReputation rainmakers – How smart businesses build a great brand one employee at a time


Your employees are your company’s reputation. In this engaging talk, Andy Beal shares examples of how the most trusted companies in the world rely on the actions and attitude of their employees. With each case study, you’ll learn how growing your employees grows your reputation and how YOU personally can be your company’s Reputation Rainmaker.

Attendees will take away:

  • The importance of investing in hiring, growing, and empowering your employees.
  • Real life examples of companies that are building a stellar reputation thanks to their employees.
  • How to build Reputation Rainmakers and how to become your company’s most important branding asset.

Style & Length

This keynote style format is perfect for corporate events or business-focused conferences. With engaging examples, practical advice, and a touch of humor, this talk makes for a great opening, closing, or even lunch, keynote session.


Reputation Roadkill – learning from the biggest brands biggest mistakes


Andy Beal will walk your audience through some of the biggest reputation blunders of the past year and show you how you can avoid making the same mistakes. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or small business owner, you’ll learn where these companies went wrong and walk away with proven tactics to help grow your reputation and your bottom line.

Attendees will take away:

  • An understanding of reputation crushing mistakes to avoid.
  • Examples from 10 different case studies to improve their own online reputation.
  • Advice on what it takes to build a great reputation.

Style & Length

This is the perfect topic for a keynote. At around 30 minutes, Andy keeps the audience engaged with quick examples and high energy insights. Typically allow another 15 minutes for audience Q&A so Andy can tailor advice to specific audience concerns.


Local Landmines – avoid these small business branding mistakes


Andy provides a walk-through of the common reputation mistakes made by local companies and bricks-and-mortar businesses. With 93% of local transactions starting with an online search of a company’s reputation, Andy explains how to conduct in-person business in a manner that leads to positive Yelp reviews, improved Google results, and happy customers!

Attendees will take away:

  • An understanding of how their personal actions can affect their employer’s reputation.
  • Common mistakes that most local businesses make, yet can be easily avoided.
  • Specific tactics for improving the reputation of local/bricks-and-mortar companies.

Style & Length

This keynote can be adapted to fit the length and style of your event’s needs. It can make a perfect 30 minute keynote presentation, or expanded and customized to provide in-depth training for your specific vertical and audience.


More praise for Andy’s keynotes and workshops:

“Andy proved a great speaker for our conference. Feedback was positive and I especially like how he customized the talk for our group. Andy was great to work with on the arrangements and committed to providing a custom talk on short notice.”

Kevin Capp, Vice Chair, CGAIT

“I’ve been wanting to get Andy to speak at one of our events for a number of years so was really pleased when our diaries aligned. He did a great job for us and was name-checked as a top speaker loads in our conference feedback. If you’re considering programming Andy, do it, you won’t regret it!”

Kelvin Newman, Founder, BrightonSEO

“I highly recommend Andy Beal as a keynote speaker. His presentation was not only engaging and informative, but the content was well customized to our audience and continued to resonate throughout the remainder of our conference. We received a lot of positive feedback from our attendees who appreciated Andy’s expertise and personable style.” 

Larry Witherspoon, CEO,

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