Papa John’s Racial Slur Hits Twitter

Papa John’s Racial Slur Hits Twitter

I have a rule when it comes to customer service. I don’t privately talk about a customer in a manner I wouldn’t feel comfortable them seeing or hearing. That means no “Mr Needy” or “Mrs PITA” references–not even in a private CRM note.

Not only is it disrespectful, but that internal note could easily present itself to the customer. Case in point, Exhibit A:

Yeah, not good. Take the stance to not belittle your customers, ever! Not even those vague Tweets you think are just a harmless way of letting off steam. Even if the customer is not following you, potential customers may avoid your business lest you bad mouth them too!

So, to recap. Papa John’s? You need better ingredients, better pizza, and better manners! Corporately you may be in shock at this behavior, but the customer doesn’t interact with “corporate” they interact with the local store. Time for staff re-training methinks!

Thanks to Minhee Cho for tweeting and Ed for sharing.

UPDATE: Kudos to @PapaJohns for a swift and sincere response:

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