RSS Needs New Name

RSS Needs New Name

Interesting debate waging over whether RSS should get a new name. Microsoft and Google seem to favor changing to “web feeds”, according to MarketingVox.

It’s going to be an uphill battle as some wish to keep “RSS”…

David Winer, the founder of the technology, is opposed to the renaming: “Big software companies…just can’t leave well enough alone,” he is quoted as saying. “It’s not powerful, or interesting – it’s childish and self-defeating.”

I’m on the side that believes that RSS needs a new name (“web feeds” is as good as any). Unfortunately, Winer and many others will no doubt continue their push back, mostly because Microsoft and other “Big software companies” are behind the name change push.

It would be a shame if RSS misses out on mass appeal simply because those who gave birth to the name, didn’t want to let Microsoft be the one to change the name.

ByAndy Beal

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