Superbrand to the reputation rescue! My #1 SEO tip for Google Reputation Management

Superbrand to the reputation rescue! My #1 SEO tip for Google Reputation Management

Superbrand to the Google reputation rescue!Pssst!

You! Yeah you with the Google reputation management problem.

Wanna know my top tactic for helping companies improve their search engine results profile?

Just call on your Superbrand.

Your Super-what-now? Your Superbrand. You see, when it comes to your company name, Google already believes that you are the #1 most relevant web site in its entire index for your brand. That’s why when you type your company name into Google, your web site is at the very top. (If it’s not, then you likely have a lot more problems than just reputation management).

You own the Superbrand. It’s super powerful, virtually unstoppable, and with some clever linking, your most important asset in any search engine reputation clean-up campaign.

As the Superbrand, whichever web page you link to, you’re effectively telling Google, [highlight color=”yellow”]”Hey, Googlebot! You know I’m the most relevant web site for ‘Acme Inc.’ right? Well, I’m linking to this Twitter profile and vouching that it too is super relevant for ‘Acme Inc.’ Capiche?”[/highlight]

Now, Google’s not entirely stupid…well actually it is. So you have to convince Google that the page you are linking to is a) relevant to your brand, and b) vouched for by your Superbrand. How do you do this? By making sure that when you link to any other web page, you use your brand name in the anchor text. That’s it. Easy huh?

To give you an example, I wanted to improve the ranking of Trackur’s various different social media profiles. Now, there are a number of optimizations I made to those profiles, but the single most important thing I did was to link to each with “Trackur” in the anchor text. Like this:

Trackur's Social Media Profiles

And, as you can see, we had great success in getting those social network profiles to rank for Trackur.

Trackur's Google Reputation

Now, this generally works with any page that already has some relevance to your brand–so you should optimize the on-page content of any recipient of a Superbrand link. It also works great for getting that second page to rank for your company web site–just create an internal nav link with your Superbrand. Think “About Acme Inc.” instead of “About Us”.

Any questions about using your Superbrand? Just drop me a comment. 😉

ByAndy Beal

Andy Beal is The Original Online Reputation Expert™. A bestselling author of two critically-acclaimed reputation management books, a keynote speaker at dozens of events, and brand consultant experience with thousands of individuals and companies.

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    1. To me, having the anchor text with the brand in it, looks spammy to the user. Is there anything else that can be done to avoid having the same brand anchor text repeated through the links? How about using it in the title= tag instead?

      We are linking to our social media profiles already, but we’re just using the site’s name, like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.

      1. There are lots of different tactics you can use, but if you need to get those pages ranking, this is the strongest signal you can send.

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