The ABC’s of ORM

The ABC’s of ORM


Always respond to comments and reviews when possible.

Be nice!

Create a community.

Don’t dawdle – address issues that may affect your reputation immediately.

Employees are an extension of your brand.  Make sure you have a great team.

Find out the facts before responding to a complaint or attack.

Goals.  Have them.  When you meet them, make more.

Help your customers out, even if it isn’t always convenient for you. They won’t forget it.

Increase trust, gain loyalty.

Join the conversation.

Know what is being said about you.

Lose the attitude.

Make the most of every interaction, whether it directly benefits your business or not.

Note your biggest supporters, and your biggest complainers.  Keep an eye on both.

Offer solutions when customers report problems.

Preparedness is key.  Have a disaster recovery plan in place, and use it when needed.

Quick response shows customers you are listening and that you care.

Reach out when someone talks about your brand, positive or negative.

Share praise.  With potential and current customers, and also with your team.

Thank you –say it.  Please too!

Understand that you can’t make everyone happy all the time.

View complaints as an opportunity to turn a situation around.

Words should be chosen carefully.

eXemplify greatness.

Years and years.  The Internet has a very long memory.

Zip it.  Know when to!