The CW Network angers viewers with fat shaming joke on Twitter

The CW Network angers viewers with fat shaming joke on Twitter

The CW is the smallest of the four, major television networks but they have something those others don’t have — a tight-knit group of very loyal, very vocal fans.

With the combined power of the Supernatural, Arrow, Vampire Diaries, and The Flash fandoms you could build an orphanage, clean-up an ocean or launch a boycott that would make even a seasoned network exec beg for mercy.

That’s why it’s going to be a rough morning for whomever thought this was a good idea:

Unlike Bloomingdale’s holiday misstep, it’s easy to see how this one got past the gatekeepers. How can you eat cake when you’re watching Victoria’s Secret models parade around in their underwear? It’s a shared thought that we can all relate to. . . isn’t it?

Apparently it was for at least 71 people who gave this Tweet some love. That doesn’t begin to balance out the angry CW fans who responded with a barrage of clever but angry gifs.

This one fought back with a line pulled right out of the CW’s Supernatural.

Even Supernatural recurring guest star Kim Rhodes took her employer to task with a healthy, even-tempered response.

I’m pretty sure that the person who wrote the offending Tweet was just trying to be clever. I don’t think he or she meant to imply that all women should be model thin. Or that losing weight is always as simple of just giving up holiday treats. But this is a new day. The social denizens are always on the lookout for branded bullying, insensitivity and inappropriate responses and when they find it, they show no mercy.

Sadly, the offended don’t feel the need to live by the rules they set for others. Quite a few of the responses in this case contain foul language and images of people giving the finger. Some even posted violent messages.

If we’re all going to get along then we need some understanding on both sides.

In the future, I’d like to see people respond to a Tweet like this with body-positive messaging and facts rather than anger and hate.

On the other side, social media marketers need to take more care when crafting their social media campaigns. If there’s even a chance your words will be misconstrued, don’t run it.