The Seven Deadly Sins of Online Reputation Management

The Seven Deadly Sins of Online Reputation Management

Maintaining your online reputation requires the ability to be introspective.  Without seeing your own faults, we are unable to correct or improve upon them.  Below is an outline of some of the worst sins in the realm of online reputation management.  Take a look at the list, and then at yourself.  Make fixes.  Repeat.

Wrath – Also known as rage or anger, wrath can help you ruin your reputation in the blink of an eye.  Wrath presents with violence and self-destructiveness, and is the leading cause of many of the seemingly never-ending feuds that you see online – especially in social media.  If something sets you off, take a moment before responding.  Often, after the heat of a moment passes, your initial passionate reaction will seem silly, even to you.

Greed – The downfall of even some of the most brilliant minds, those motivated by greed are never satisfied.  Take care when monitoring your reputation to ensure that you are giving credit where credit is due, and not trying to take all of the glory for yourself.  No one wants to work with a fame hog, or someone that can never be satisfied

Sloth – Perhaps the most tragic sin involves wasting one’s talent.  Do not allow complacency to stand in the way of excellence.  Taking an active role in managing your reputation is one of the best ways to show people the real you.

Pride – We aren’t talking about taking pride in your work here, we’re talking about hubris.  Often considered the original sin, an excessive love of self that blinds one to be able to acknowledge the good work of others, pride can be detrimental in managing your reputation online.  The ability to see yourself as you are, and act with humility will allow you to take your reputation to the next level.  By admitting that you’re not perfect, and sharing with others when someone else does a good job, you show your online communities that you’re not only looking out for your own success, but also for the greater good of the community.

Lust – Much like greed, lust for power or image is self-destructive and off-putting.  Balancing your drive with self-control will allow you to keep your reputation on an even keel.  A positive self-image is key in effective online reputation management, but be careful to not let it appear as though all you care about is image and power.

Envy – A very close relative of pride, envy prevents one from appreciating the good that others receive.  Whether it be professional accolades, a big client, or a great new business venture; don’t let envy get in the way of your ability to see the good in others.

Gluttony – There is such a thing as too much of a good thing.  Don’t let your passion for what you do take over every aspect of your life.  Make sure that your personality shines through.  Overindulgence can be distasteful to others.  Working to achieve balance will allow you to see clearly, further improving your standing online.

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