The Ten Best Brands in the U.S.

The Ten Best Brands in the U.S.

Harris Interactive recently reported on their findings from the 12th Annual Harris Interactive U.S. Reputation Quotient Survey, showing that in general, companies are looked upon as more favorable than just one year ago.  Who are the favorites?  We polled you on Twitter, and not surprisingly, your answers very accurately reflected the tech sector results in the Harris Interactive poll.  What was a bit more surprising; however, were the more seemingly household brands that made the list.

Scores were calculated using six key factors: products and services, financial performance, workplace environment, vision and leadership, emotional appeal, and social responsibility.  Companies with the highest scores, such as Google, ranked highly for not only their technical savvy, but also their contribution to social issues and reputation for being an amazing place to work.  Companies that scored high in emotional appeal include Kraft and Johnson & Johnson, two companies with long histories in everyday American life.

We’re sure you can guess who got number 1 on this list, but some of the others may surprise you:

10. General Mills

9. The Walt Disney Company


7. Kraft Foods

6. Intel

5. Apple

4. Berkshire Hathaway

3. 3M

2. Johnson & Johnson

1. Google

It’s a pretty impressive list.  Is there anyone that didn’t make the cut that should have, or anyone on the list that shouldn’t be?

(In case you’re wondering about #4, use #1 and do a quick search.  Chances are, you’ve got a lot of their products in your home, office, and possibly even in your vehicle.)




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  1. Berkshire now owns a diverse range of businesses including railroads, confectionery, retail, home furnishings, encyclopedias, manufacture of vacuum cleaners, jewelry sales; newspaper publishing; manufacture and distribution of uniforms.

    Warren Buffett is the CEO 😛

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