The top 5 reasons people hate their jobs & why the #1 reason may be you

The top 5 reasons people hate their jobs & why the #1 reason may be you

Whether you’re the employee or the boss, this is a list you’ll be interested in taking a look at.  According to recent information from the Today show, quite a few Americans are unhappy in their current places of employment.  Nearly 70%, in fact.  Is it the field they chose, or did they just end up working for the wrong boss?  Turns out, there are a variety of reasons.  Here are the top five:

hate my job

5. They’re unhappy with their pay.

4. There’s too much red tape.

3. They’re not being challenged.

2. The passion is gone.

…And the number one reason?

1. Their boss sucks.

Not all of these items are a huge surprise, one would likely expect most people that are unhappy at work to relate their unhappiness to a horrible boss or low wages.  I was a bit more surprised about some of the items in the middle of the list.

If you’re an employee, how do you find a job or choose a field where you won’t lose your passion for your work?  Where along the line does one stop being challenged?  Fortunately, I not only have a great boss at a great company, but I work in a very diverse field that leaves little time for boredom, and a variety of avenues for exciting new areas to learn about.  But what if your field doesn’t offer challenges and passion?  Are you stuck forever, or do you find something new?

Not so long ago, young adults got a job, and kept that job until the day they retired.  This generation is not following in the footsteps of those who came before us.  Some blame the loss in company loyalty on the employees, some blame the employers.  Regardless of who started the trend, long gone are the days of the gold watch and pension handed over at your retirement party.  Many Americans now find it normal to have not only multiple jobs throughout their working life, but often, several different career fields.  So what does one do if they find themselves in an unhappy work environment?

The simple answer is to leave, but that isn’t always an available option.

With the job market unstable and families to care for, many workers find themselves in a tough place.  For those stuck in a job rut, there are often seemingly few options available to make the workplace a bit more fun.  A few possibilities, however, include looking into cross-training within another team or department, taking on special projects, or checking into your employee benefits for education allowances.  Trying something new may allow an employee to stumble upon a different job within the same company that fuels new passions, finds them working under the rule of a different leader, or furthering their education in order to find a better opportunity down the road.  [highlight color=”yellow”]Sometimes the smallest changes make the biggest differences later on.[/highlight]

What if you’re an employer looking to avoid having an office full of unhappy employees?  Do you even care if your employees are happy?  You should.  [highlight color=”yellow”]Discontented workers cost an estimated $550 billion in lost productivity.[/highlight]  And not just their own, nothing spreads faster in an office than negativity.  The easiest solutions appear to be twofold:  don’t suck, and pay well.

Many jobs that involve a lot of red tape are that way for a reason.  It’s not likely that one great boss is going to be able to change government procedures or strict financial rules, but what about keeping people passionate and feeling challenged?  Offering opportunities for cross-training and furthering education are great ways to keep people interested in what they’re doing, and they also may help you take a mediocre employee and turn them into a star.  Sometimes people don’t know their greatest strengths, and trying new things without the fear of completely stepping into the unknown is just what they need to find their niche.  Even if they don’t find their dream job, at least they’ll know that you don’t suck as a boss.

Being a great leader is no easy task, but helping people to bring out the best in themselves is one of the most rewarding aspects of being a leader.  [highlight color=”yellow”]The easiest way to maintain a great reputation for your company is to have a team of loyal supporters out there saying good things about your brand.  What better place to start than with your own employees?[/highlight]

Are you an unhappy employee?  What is the main reason you don’t enjoy your current job?  If you’re the boss, what are you doing well?  What do you think your employees would say that you can do better?

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