The 10 most trusted people in America are…

The 10 most trusted people in America are…

A new poll by The Wagner Group and Reader’s Digest shows the top 100 most trusted people in America. Over 1,000 people were asked to rank over 200 people from Hollywood stars, to business owners, to doctors and teachers.

I’d explain to you all of the attributes that were scored and all of the observations made, but this is the “Reader’s Digest” version, so let’s just look at the top 10 most trusted people in America.

#10 – Julia Roberts – this Pretty Woman is not just one of the highest-paid movie stars, she also does a lot of work with UNICEF.

#9 – Melinda Gates – with her husband, Bill, she’s trusted to distribute more than $30B to needy causes.

#8. Alex Trebek – I’ll take trusted game show hosts for $500!

#7. Bill Gates – his software is trusted by millions of computer users, but it’s his philanthropical work that sees him at the #7 spot.

#6. Steven Spielberg – if you need someone to direct a movie about giant sharks visiting from another planet, in search of hidden treasure, you can trust Spielberg!

#5. Maya Angelou – poet, author & civil rights activist and the fifth most trusted person in the country!

#4. Meryl Streep – Mamma Mia! Playing a long list of strong female roles has us trusting Ms. Streep.

#3. Denzel Washington – he can prevent trains from crashing and can fly planes upside down! That’s trustworthy!

#2. Sandra Bullock – who else would you trust to keep a bus running above 50 miles an hour?

#1. Tom Hanks – obviously making sure that Fedex package finally made it home, earned the Hollywood star lots of trust!

What do you think of the Top 10 most trusted people in America? Any that you’re surprised did, or did not, make this list?

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    1. I’m not sure if there’s any merit to this, but I read somewhere that part of Denzel’s trustworthiness is due to his face having near-perfect symmetry. Apparently we are wired to find that more attractive and more respectable. I’ll see if I can find a link to back up that outrageousness.

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