Track social media influencers with Trackur’s InfluenceRank

Track social media influencers with Trackur’s InfluenceRank

It seems that social media influence tracking is the topic de jour, so I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to remind you about Trackur’s awesome InfluenceRank.

InfluenceRank was first launched back in 2010 to help Trackur customers to measure and monitor the influence of any person or web site talking about their brand. [highlight color=”yellow”]While other vendors may charge thousands of dollars for social media influence measurement, Trackur includes it in all plans–yes, even in our free plan![/highlight]

Let’s take a walk through it.

First up, you’ll see InfluenceRank scores right alongside each result shown in your Trackur dashboard:

Trackur's InfluenceRank Scores

From there, you can expand any result and view additional influence metrics for the author. Here’s how it looks for a news site, blog, or forum:

Trackur Influence Tracking

As you can see, Trackur displays our InfluenceRank score, out of 100. The score takes into account many variables, including audience, inbound links, etc. Generally, an InfluenceRank score of 30/100 means the site is one you should pay attention to. We also show you a thumbnail of the site and the last three months of traffic data.

For Twitter users, we’ve partnered with Klout to ensure our InfluenceRank metrics provide you with all the influence information you may need. The InfluenceRank dashboard is very similar, but now you’ll see how many followers they have, how many they follow, and on what topics they exert the most social media influence.

Social Media Influence Tracking

And, if that’s not enough, Trackur also lets you sort your dashboard results by InfluenceRank–letting you quickly see all of the mainstream and social media mentions ordered by influence.

Sort by Influence

Not bad for something you can use for free, huh?

Using our InfluenceRank scores you can quickly:

  • Find the most influential sites and social media users talking about your brand
  • Discover those industry analysts or bloggers with the most clout…or Klout!
  • Look for potential advertising or link partners–those with the most influential audience
  • Learn where your competition is being reviewed, so you can suggest your company too!

Why not take Trackur’s InfluenceRank for a test drive today? You could save thousands on similar social media influence tracking software.

ByAndy Beal

Andy Beal is The Original Online Reputation Expert™. A bestselling author of two critically-acclaimed reputation management books, a keynote speaker at dozens of events, and brand consultant experience with thousands of individuals and companies.