Tsunami separates Overstock.com, Red Cross

Tsunami separates Overstock.com, Red Cross

So Overstock.com is pissed because the Red Cross would not agree to letting them use their logo on Overstocks auction site. According to CNET, Overstock.com approached the Red Cross with a proposal: that the Red Cross and tsunami victims would receive a portion of auction sales.

But Red Cross officials declined, citing the need to have the ability to review auction items before they’re listed on pages bearing the charitable organization’s name and logo. Hence the rift…”We want to ensure our logo doesn’t appear next to bids for a kidney or pornography, saying the sale benefits the Red Cross,” said Susan Murray, director of Red Cross corporate partnerships.

Smart move by the Red Cross. Besides, isn’t Overstock simply using the Tsunami and the Red Cross as a way to sell more products? If they cared that much, they should just go ahead and give a donation of profits anyway!

ByAndy Beal

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