Verizon Blackberry 8830 – I Fell Off the Crack(berry) Wagon

Verizon Blackberry 8830 – I Fell Off the Crack(berry) Wagon

I had been clean for almost two years, yet today I fell off the wagon.

Yes after being a Blackberry addict until 2005 – then switching to a Treo 650 – I’m now back in the habit, thanks to the new Verizon Blackberry 8830.

It’s a beautiful phone, very thin and extremely easy to use. I’d forgotten some of the nice touches about a BlackBerry, such as hitting space to use a “.” or “@” in email forms or the powerful email client. Some nice surprises include just how well Google mobile products work with BlackBerry – Gmail, Talk, Maps and Reader all work so much better than with the Treo.

Also a piece a cake is the syncing with Bluetooth devices. I already have it syncing calendars with Outlook, connected to my headset and high-speed internet on my laptop.

There’s a few things I miss. I miss the simple “mute” switch on the Treo for silencing the ringer and alerts – the 8830 has a button that says “mute” but I think that’s just for muting calls – and the 8830 doesn’t have a camera. But, so far I’m liking it.

Bonus – it works on all bands, so I can use it all around the world!

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    1. I’m just about to venture into the world of Blackberryness and I see a long road of research ahead of me.

      You think this one is the winner on the market right now?

    2. I’ve been very happy with it. If you’re already on Verizon, it’s a good choice. If not, I know the Curve is smaller.

      Couple other downsides. Get a screen protector, I had to replace my phone due to a crack. Also, Verizon disables the built-in GPS. 🙁

    3. Would you like to sell the 8830 with the cracked screen?
      If it has a good ESN I am interested.

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