We asked 100 people: do you believe the Family Feud Twitter account was hacked?

We asked 100 people: do you believe the Family Feud Twitter account was hacked?

Our friend, Ed, sent us an interesting tweet he had spotted over the weekend:


Now, my first thought was that the person handling the social media account for Family Feud had accidentally posted their political rant to the wrong account. It happens quite a lot.

However, many Twitterzens decided that Family Feud had entered the political arena and that the tweet was indeed an intentional political rant. In any event, the tweet stayed up just about all weekend, with no follow up from Family Feud–until late Sunday:

Family Feud Tweet

As you can see, most folks aren’t buying the explanation–and we’re suspect of it too. You see, most hackers don’t target over-the-hill game show Twitter accounts to make political statements. They’re much more likely to target someone with tens of thousands of followers, then post a link to some craptastic wellness supplement or miracle pill.

Someone hacked your account and posted just one tweet?

Family Feud wouldn’t be the first corporate account to try and claim they were hacked, only to later backtrack and come clean on the real reason.

Still, we’re going to give them the benefit of a large serving of generous doubt on this one. However, it looks like the Twitter survey says, no way!

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