Did your company make the list of best companies for work-life balance?

Did your company make the list of best companies for work-life balance?

zdnet-glassdoor-2013-work-life-200x630Glassdoor, the social network for those that like to praise or gripe about their employer, has released its annualTop 25 Companies for Work-Life Balance report.

As ZDNET notes, while companies like Google and Facebook are known for their cafes, shuttles and other cool onsite freebies, neither cracks the list. It just goes to show that all the free perks in the world don’t add up to a hill of beans, if all they do is encourage employees to spend more time at work. That’s hardly a work-life balance.

Not surprisingly, SAS tops the list. Living in Raleigh, and knowing a couple of SAS employees, I get to hear about just how awesome they are as an employer. What is surprising is that Yahoo made the list. I suspect with Marissa Mayer’s decision to end telecommuting, its score will suffer next year.

The chances are, your employer didn’t make the list this year–a company needed a minimum of 50 ratings–but could it? If asked, would your employees say that your company offers a great work-life balance? Heck, would they say anything favorable about you if they wrote a review on Glassdoor?

[highlight color=”yellow”]Remember, a negative review on Glassdoor could be just as damaging to your online reputation as one on Yelp or RipOff Report.[/highlight] And worse, it would indicate that your employees are not happy, and if your employees–the face of your company–are not happy, then how can you expect them to help you build a great company reputation?

Perhaps today would be a good time to poll your staff and ask them if they feel your company does a good job of balancing work with life. 😉

ByAndy Beal

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