Young urban Hispanic women rule social media? [infographic]

Young urban Hispanic women rule social media? [infographic]

OK, here’s an infographic with some interesting stats about who uses social media.

If you thought rich white guys with college degrees ruled the internet, then you are either a) living in Silicon Valley or b) not looked at the latest studies from Pew Research Center.

The infographic does a great job of breaking down different demographics and social media usage However, [highlight color=”yellow”]take a look at the list of social media sites adults use, see any glaring omissions?[/highlight]

Social Media Demographics InfographicInfographic via DocStoc

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    1. The title of this article is a bit misleading. While the stats are interesting, since the breakdown seems to be by percentage of each individual group, then yes, young people, Hispanics, and women rank at the highest percentage of their total groups, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that these statistics are capturing the same group of people. For example, a larger percentage of the urban users captured could be male than female, right? Or am I misreading this?

        1. I believe it was, which is why I was pointing out that you can’t assume that the percentage of each of the top demographic groups matches up with the percentage of the others. 🙂

        1. I thought it was more like 76%… 🙂 Unfortunately a lot of people will read the headline and not look at the stats and take it to be “the truth”.

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