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Quoted in Business Insider: Some obscure bloggers really want you to know the CEO of MoviePass’ parent company is not a ‘scam artist’

Business Insider uncovered some shady looking online reputation efforts for MoviePass CEO. They asked me to weigh in with my thoughts: “There are many ‘black hat’ reputation firms that use a smorgasbord of spammy tactics to try and cover up a bad reputation,” Andy Beal, CEO of Reputation Refinery and author of “Repped: 30 Days
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Reputation Rainmakers – Online Reputation Keynote Talk

I’m excited to announce my new keynote talk Reputation Rainmakers. It’s aimed specifically at companies and their employees. Businesses will learn how to empower their employees to help build their brand, while employees will learn how to become their employer’s most valuable reputation asset. Here’s the Reputation Rainmakers outline: REPUTATION RAINMAKERS – HOW SMART BUSINESSES BUILD
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Speaking in my hometown of Brighton, rocks!

It’s been over 16 years since I moved from Brighton, England to North Carolina. Since then, I have spoken at dozens of events (hundreds?) and have even spoken at conferences in London. However, BrightonSEO was my first (and I hope not my last) opportunity for this prodigal son to return home to speak. I had
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