Hawaii is Awesome!

Hawaii is Awesome!

My favorite place on the planet is Hawaii – or to be correct, the islands of Hawaii. Jumping at the chance to speak at a conference on Oahu, I’m now back in North Carolina, but already missing the “Aloha Spirit.”

Not to fear, my beautiful wife is an even bigger fan of Hawaii, and she’s documenting the vacation part of our trip to Hawaii. I’m proud of her – not only for how great she is at blogging – but because she even helped me out during the conference, sharing her own thoughts and advice on blogging.

If you love Hawaii, are planning a trip to Hawaii or simply wish to dream away your day, check out her Hawaii vacation blog.

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    1. so nice of you to stop by my site Andy…Yes, Jordan is a gem you’ve got there!!

      Although I’ve just discovered your blog, its really interesting, so ill be coming back to read more 🙂

      tc and kit

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