Norton 360 Warning

ByAndy Beal

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    1. I’m of the opinion that between AVGFree and Microsoft Defender (Antispyware), you’ve pretty much got your bases covered without spending a single cent.

    2. Well, it’s nice to know I am in good company…I spent an enormous amount of time this weekend installing Norton 360 only to discover that some aspect of the ‘resource hogging firewalling do it everything program’ forked my Netgear Wi-fi router… Irony is that the 5! computers that I installed it on and then eventually UNinstalled it from were all free of viruses despite months of no protection…!!! In the end I continued the installations because I simply wanted to block because it was showing a Top 100 that included stuff my kids should absolutely not have so easily presented to them…
      UGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH Some days you just feel like the whole world SUCKS and is going to hell in a hand basket… Gee, didn’t I have this feeling in late February 2000…? Barron’s story “Burn baby Burn”…anyone? anyone? Buehler?

    3. I hate Norton. Your right in that it eats resources, but I would also add it is very unstable. And have you tried to get rid of it? OMG… I still have an installer from a 2005 edition that pops up every time I open my email with a warning message. I’ve even gone into registry files to try and find culprit and cant locate. AVG is very good……. My personal favorite however is ZoneAlarm by I have been using ZA for two years now and am very very happy with it.

      In the beginning Norton was good but I don’t know what happened…… I have purchased three computers this year….. the first thing I did was to go in and uninstall anything Norton.

      Sorry for the rant…… 🙂

    4. Technically,YOU DON’T NEED TO BUY ANYTHING!!
      There are so many free sites to run virus scans you don’t need to but one. Just once a week go to a site and run it.

      Norton products all SUCK, yes they know their products hog resources but they don’t fix the problem.Plus with 360 you cant scan an individual file for a virus..that in itself sucks.

    5. I foolishly let my step-dad purchase Norton 360… basically, we paid a whole bunch of money on a virus. Is there anyway to get Norton to return our money, since we’re dissatisfied with their product? Like do they have some sort of “satisfaction guaranteed” things?

    6. I installed Nortons 360 2.0 yesterday. on my laptop with dual core, works fine. Then I installed it on my desktop and like clockwork 15 to 20 minutes after start up it Norton Crashes. with a MSG “Nortons process has stoped working”. Even after a reinstall. restarts. and changing the permissions on those ms**p71.dll, ms**r71.dll it still doesnt work. it always crashes.
      When Nortons works. It is the best security software out there but damn the customer should not have to put up with this.


    8. i hate Norton 360 more than any thing i just bought it yesterday and now i am suffering from it
      coz it blocks vedio and i tried many ways to fix this but there is NO way????!!!!!!
      if any one knows how to remove this block please tell me

    9. Have Norton 360 2.0 on several clients computers and two of our computers. Client had his browser hijacked so I accessed his computer over the net and worked on it. It had 8 infected objects that seemed to originate through . Two comprehensive scans with nith Norton turned up nothing. Si I installed MalwareBytes for free and it found everything and cleaned it up. So that made me wonder about our own two computers. Norton said they were both clean but when I ran MalwareBytes one had an infected object. Norton has some good qualities but cannot be trusted to keep a computer clean. I guess I am going to just start using AVG free and malwarebytes. Norton sucks.

    10. Don’t bother with 360 I have paid to much, and spent to much with Nortons on line live help, and the bottom line was they wanted to charge me 99.99 to remove viruse that I got after installing, SCAMM, I will never bother with them ever again. As far as my money spent!! BY BY….CRANKEYGUY

    11. i have norton 360 and it always says internal problem. i bought a brand new computer and installed it on it thinking “Ah! protection” its been messing up ever since ive put it on!!! its call 360 for a reason because it causes 360 problems +2.0

    12. It’s odd that 360 now sells for free, because they had made so much premium on the premiere edition. Kinkos will provide it effective June 2011, free on CD

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