Trying Not to Be a Grumpy Blogger

Trying Not to Be a Grumpy Blogger

Darren Rowse had put together five keys to avoid becoming a grump old blogger. I’m going to bookmark it and refer to it often.

Here’s some personal input on Darren’s five items.

1. Your Personal Worth Is Not Tied to Your Blog’s Performance

I know, I know, I know. Yet, I’m still guilty of being on a high, when the blog is doing well, and tanking when things aren’t doing so great, or someone criticizes the blog.

2. Don’t Believe Your Own Press

I hear ya! While I track what is said about me, and Marketing Pilgrim, I don’t dwell on them, unless they are inaccurate and need some input from me.

3. Work Life Balance

I’m already working on this one. I have my good friend Ben Wills for helping me realize that I don’t have to keep a 9-5 schedule. Working in the evening doesn’t have to mean working 80 hour weeks. What it does mean is taking 3 day weekends, or leaving the office early to spend time with my wife.

4. Be a Relational Blogger

I love meeting new people – even if virtually. Even more so, I enjoy helping others. A fantastic book that helped me understand the value of helping others, is “Love is the Killer App.”

5. Get a Thick Skin

See #1. I realize that you live by the sword and die by the sword. That said, I have to remind myself that some people actually read my stuff, simply to disagree with it. Still, it’s hard reading someone criticize you – something I keep in mind when discussing others.

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    1. Thanks for the pointer to Darren’s post .. it’s too easy to get sucked in and make blogging/work your raison d’etre isn’t it ?

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